6 colors can be seen in one waterfall

You have seen more or less the patterns of how diverse nature is. Seeing the beauty of the world may not be the end of one’s life. But that is beautiful; But it is difficult! You may have seen waterfalls in different parts of the world! But have you ever …

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The way the mysterious mirror land has developed

Salar de Uni is the largest mirror land in the world. Its area is 10 thousand 572 square kilometers. The location of the huge mirror is in southwestern Bolivia. It is located at an altitude of 36,575 meters above sea level. This mirror land is one of the infinite wonders …

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A 6-year-old woman lives alone in this wonderful lake

8-year-old Lubov Morkhodova wants to spend her leisure time as her own. The old woman lives alone in a icy area. He lives in Baikal, the deepest lake in the world. This woman is a retired technical engineer. The brave woman has been living alone since her husband died in 2011. But he does …

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